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2013 LILAC

President Lincoln

A Beautiful Single fragrant sky blue Lilac. Mildew resistant. Large heart shaped leaves. Very hardy and does sucker some. John Dunbar was very instrumental in Highland Park as a Superintendent for years!  He cultivated many new liacs with Lincoln being one of his most famous .1916

This Fun Lilac is a must in every collection! Blooms young and prolific! The single 4 petal purple color reminds me of  a true purple crayon. Mild scent.The white outer stripe frames the petals of this showstopper! 8-12'  
1938 Eveleens Maarse

Betsy Ross
An early blooming single white bloomer. Better suited for warmer climates than some lilacs.


Ludwig Spaeth
Very large panicles of single Deep Purplish-Red small flowers. Mid-season bloomer. Very Fragrant! A wonderful deep dark sought after purple!

The very sought after Yellow Lilac. This creamy white Lilac gets yellower with age. A very fast grower! Small flowers grace this bush later in the season. A prolific bloomer and very unusual! Plant next to a blue for a dramatic color effect. Do not be fooled by bright color edited mail order photos! Mild scent. 8-12'  
1949 Maarse G.

Katherine Havemeyer

These ruffled double petals are pale Lavender to pink. Very soft and extremely and fragrant! 8-12'  
1922 Lemoine



This early single blue lilac sports burgundy fall foliage!! It is rare and also good for warmer climates!

Atheline Wilbur
This beautiful Double Orchard, Violet-Rose lilac is unique and hard to describe. Closed buds and open florets add a multi-colored effect. Very Fragrant!
Father Fiala 1980 

This Richard Fenicchia Hybrid has single violet, extremely fragrant petals and large panicles! The dense growth habit forms a beautiful flowering screen. 

Beauty of Moscow
(Krasavitsa Moskvy')
Outstanding Double white with Blush pink buds. Very dense panicles. One of the Most Fragrant Lilacs!!! If you don't want a white lilac , you will after seeing and smelling these blooms! 8-12'
1963 kolesnikov

Yankee Doodle
Considered the deepest and darkest of the purples. A profuse bloomer! Large clusters of single large flower grow on this upright Lilac. 6-9' and mildly fragrant.  Considered a semi-dwarf lilac. A great American hybrid by Father John Fiala in 1985.


This compact SKY
blue lilac with white strokes can grow near 6' to 8' or less. The single flowers often have extra petals giving a star like appearance. Intensely Fragrant! Adaptable to more soil conditions than most. Blooms in mid spring. Semi-dwarf .
 Another father Fiala Favorite, 1989. 

Paul Thirion
This full size Syringa Vulgaris French lilac is full of double, reddish-pink clusters of flowers. Blooms in late spring and
highly fragrant. 8'-12'    
1915 Lemoine

Palibin...Dwarf Korean
A compact, fragrant, light pink, showy lilac. Don't be mis-led by dwarf. This shrub can still grow to be 4' to 5' tall and have a spread of 5' to 7' wide. Still much smaller than the traditional Syringas! These varieties tolerate drought better.

A rich dark red-purple, large single florets. The petals have a beautiful pinched twist to them! Extremely fragrant.
 1913 Lemoine

The REBLOOMING Lilac ! This dwarf lilac will bloom in spring, again in mid summer, and continue until frost. A lavender petite fragrant flower. This little leaf shrub can still grow to be 4' wide and up to 5' tall, yet is compact. A big thank you to Laura Lim Prescott for permission to use  her photo!

Michel Buchner
Unusual double lavender Flowers that are highly fragrant! A profuse bloomer and a very historical lilac. 8-12'
1885 Lemoine


Charles Joly
A double DARK red! Still one of the finest lilacs in its class! Extremely fragrant.
1896 Lemoine

Belle de Nancy
An early Bloomer of double pink/lavender fragrant flowers!

Another Early Blooming Lilac! Fragrant delicate pink blossoms that turn to white.

Syringa Vulgaris Oleaceae
The Common Lilac
Native originally to Europe, this typically violet colored, very fragrant shrub, can grow up to 15' in height. It suckers and spreads with age. Single petal flowers vary from lavender to white. No fall foliage colors. Blooms in mid to late spring. There are said to be somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 named hybrids of Syringa Vulgaris, commonly referred to as French hybrids. This is not meaning all origin from France. Nearly 50 hybrids were developed  by former horticulturists of Highland Park in Rochester,NY. Richard Fenicchia (1908-1997), from Rochester, is probably our most famed!

Many of these photos were found with free copyrights given. We apologize if we have taken any photos where permission was needed. As more of our own Lilacs become available for photos, we will replace many. Please remember each camera and computer screen will vary in color. We have tried to choose pictures to best represent each variety as seen on our computer screen. If you would like to submit photos with credit, we would be pleased to use them.